2021: The Emerging
Post-Pandemic Landscape

Special end-of-year episode
December 15, 2020

The first Covid-19 vaccines are now being readied for distribution. We can glimpse the beginning of the end of the pandemic. After an incredibly challenging year, in this episode we explored the landscape that will begin to emerge in 2021.

We discussed:

  • lessons learned from 2020
  • decentralization in life, work, and education
  • the post-pandemic enterprise
  • the best chess moves for investors now
  • post-pandemic business models
  • post-pandemic geopolitics and trade
  • changes in cultures and attitudes

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Who should attend?

  • Board members and senior executives
  • Investors (PE, VC, CVC, LP)
  • Policymakers and policy advisors
  • Founders

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