Setting brands on fire

A one-hour live event
December 1, 2020
9am PST /  12pm EST / 5pm GMT / 6pm CET

The pandemic has without a doubt accelerated the decentralization and digitalization that could be seen the last few years. Traditional industries are being disrupted, while new digital business models can scale without being weighed down by assets and large numbers of employees.  In this session we will discuss the impact on brands.  It is not enough to make operational improvements, the story you tell and the promises you make must also change.

Join global branding experts Sergei Mitrofánov and Cristián Saracco as we discuss:

  • How AI will reshape the brand landscape
  • The brand impact of the pandemic
  • Hot new brands, struggling old brands
  • How to  transform old brands
  • What old brands are still doing well
  • Decentralization and self-made brands
  • Just-in-time brands for new ventures
  • Contingency, ready-to-go brands
  • How to kill a brand
  • How to set a brand on FIRE

Submit your own questions during the event!

Who should attend?

  • Board members and senior executives
  • Investors (PE, VC, CVC, LP)
  • Policymakers and policy advisors
  • Founders

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