Navigating the New World of Work:
Decentralization, Decoupling, and Intelligent Agents

A one-hour live event
30 June, 2020
9am PDT /  12pm EDT / 5pm BST / 6pm CEST

The Future of Work is already here.

Join Dr. Julie Albright, a digital sociologist at the University of Southern California, Robert Dugdale from AI startup IPSoft, and Frode Odegard, the CEO of Post-Lean Institute, as we explore the future landscape of work. The pandemic has accelerated its arrival. Working from home has become the new normal for knowledge workers, while manual service jobs have disappeared by the millions.

Decentralization is a major aspect of the post-industrial transition, and this also includes the decoupling of people from firms. People can find work/clients in online digital marketplaces. In the emerging landscape of work we will see increasingly capable intelligent agents that work with self-organizing teams of humans who can be anywhere.


We will discuss:

  • How is the day-to-day work experience changing?
  • What is the impact on families and relationships?
  • How can leaders lead effectively when hierarchies
    are replaced by self-organizing networks?
  • Your new AI coworkers
  • Will we still need managers?
  • Is there still a need for physical togetherness
    at work and if so, how do we meet it?
  • How do we avoid “Zoom Fatigue” and stay fresh?
  • How can we keep people engaged without being too intrusive?
  • How will our local communities be affected as work changes?
  • What practical, cultural, and political hindrances will we face?
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