Distributed Ledgers: The Next Generation

A one-hour live event
14 July, 2020
9am PDT /  12pm EDT / 5pm BST / 6pm CEST

What will it take for Distributed Ledgers to become the backbone of the post-industrial economy?

Starting with Blockchain, Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLTs) have been presented as a new paradigm of computation, enablers for business decentralization, and a mechanism for building uniquely attractive business models. And yet, the revolution is taking longer than people expected. In this session we will discuss why and explore what comes next.

We will discuss:

  • The story of distributed ledgers and their adoption so far
  • Powerful applications in operation today
  • Weaknesses of first and second generation DLTs
  • How will these problems be addressed in the next generation of DLTs?
  • Regulatory obstacles to adopting DLTs
  • What might the DLT landscape look like in 3-5 years?
  • What are the most exciting applications coming next?
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Who should attend?

  • Investors (PE, VC, CVC, LP)
  • Board members and senior executives
  • Policymakers and policy advisors
  • Founders of disruptive startups

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